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Funeral and Memorial Services

If you are viewing this page because you have lost a loved one then please accept our sincerest condolences. It is always a good idea to make contact with our vicar Revd Hazel Robinson (01623 759666) as soon as possible as we can offer pastoral support as well as arranging things in conjuction with any of the local funeral directors. 


Don't feel that because you do not go to church you cannot have a funeral here. We are here to help you. Funerals can be arranged, as required, on weekdays dependant on availability. We can arrange for a choir and organ music to be played and also have facilities to play your own choice of music from CD. No two funerals are the same so please discuss your requirements.

We are always willing to officiate at services at the Crematorium.  We can also hold memorial services in Church if for some reason it has not been possible to hold a funeral. Again, please get in touch with the vicar.

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